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Student Placement

Information Security Risk Analyst 2013/14

The placement that I undertook was with Kent County Council as the first placement from Kent Connects.

I was brought into KCC for a new role that had not existed before to conduct assessments of systems for security and governance. My job title was an Information Security Risk Analyst. Due to the new nature of the role and process I was able to see and shape its creation with my manager, which was really rewarding. After my training I carried out assessments of a wide range of systems allowing me to see different parts of the council and how they joined together. I was given the responsibility of assessing and making recommendations of changes to higher management of systems used across the whole county.

As well as my main role I was able to explore other projects around the Council such as the piloting of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) which included testing Zero Client machines and Chromebooks for bugs, security and usability. There were also opportunities for me to give presentations to Management Teams and even Directors.

My degree knowledge was a valuable asset to the team I was placed with as knowledge of underlying technical processes and technology helped when making decisions or understanding projects and services.

I was also able to ask for opportunities if I felt they would benefit me. This included anything from training to organising a tour of the Data Centre, which being an area usually restricted in organisations was a great opportunity.

I came back to university more motivated and professional than when I had left and it is true that you can tell the students apart from those who didn’t do placements. The opportunity has given me experience of the public sector and the world of work. It has also expanded my CV tremendously with the training and knowledge that the placement has brought. I went on to finish the final year my degree and was offered my job back shortly after finishing my exams.

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