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Student Placement

Kent Connects PSICT Action Plan Support Officer 2015/16


In my role I lead on two projects; digital.together and Transformed by You and am responsible for the Kent Connects Express, publicity, web content and all social media communications.

digital.together is a year-long programme of events that showcase digital transformation and collaboration across the county; actively the digital agenda by improving online services, developing new ways to engage with people and encouraging digital transformation.

I work with the strategic Information Governance Group and I help support the Kent Information Governance Partnership by enabling partners to submit documentation and reports.

I manage the website and social media campaigns for,, and

In partnership with Maidstone Borough Council I am responsible for leading the delivery of the Transformed by You 2015 project for Kent Connects.

Transformed by You is a competition that brings together public services, entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovative uses of technology to improve their neighbourhoods. It brings people with relevant skills together to design prototypes that meet local needs – these can then be developed further with and for the community. This year’s challenge is ‘People are better together, how can we connect them’?

I support IT, Project and Technical Boards across the county enabling fluid communication and decision making between partners. I also assist with the development of the DRBaaS which offers disaster recovery service for all Kent Connects Partners.

I am now working on the development of Digital Footprint Project which will be a tool that tracks the digital footprints laid by individuals and the digital maturity of organisations.

This placement is a great opportunity for those who want to work in the client side of IT and have a passion for how technology can be used to make customer and partner lives easier. If you want a placement that pays well and allows you the flexibility to develop your skills for a great graduate job, Kent Connects is for you.

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