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Cyber Security Workshop

On the 22nd of September Kent Connects hosted a cyber security workshop which gave a detailed overview of Cyber Security, challenges facing the public sector, a new approach to security, building a cyber security architecture to support the delivery of public services and addressing advanced threats, ransomware and APT’s. The workshop was led by Peter Jones – Security Specialist at Cisco and Mark Jackson – Principal Information Assurance Architect at Cisco. The workshop was attended by 26 partners from 10 organisations.

The presentation started off detailing some of the world’s biggest data breaches, and the history of network threats explaining how they are getting smarter, stronger and how we are coming to an era where criminals know more about our networks then we do. As a result they further emphasised the point that hacking has now become an industry structured for sophisticated attacks that we now need to be cautiously aware of.

One of the most valued topics of the presentation was the ‘challenges for local government’. These challenges were addressed when the Mark explained the evolving dynamic threat landscape and how local government fits within that landscape.

There was then an overview of a new security model that is designed to deal with newly evolved hackers which includes a ‘discover’ attribute used to detect any malware, a ‘Detect, Block and Defend’ attribute used during the attack and a ‘remediate and contain’ attribute used to maintain system integrity post attack.

Another valued topic that was discussed were the factors that influence risk, and how to minimise security risk.

The day was well attended and feedback from delegates was very positive, focussing around the delivery from the speakers, quality of knowledge, and relevance to partners.

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